Anasazi Gold Humic, Fulvic, Dead Sea Mud, Montmorillonite Facial Mask

Anasazi Gold Humic, Fulvic, Dead Sea Mud, Montmorillonite Facial Mask

First, we start with our Natural Fulvic and add high quality Dead Sea Mud that has been imported from Israel. This mud makes a great base for our Dead Sea Mineral Line, because its packed full of naturally occurring ancient minerals. Then we add Montmorillonite Trace Minerals to that mud base, we add a host of ingredients that are designed to pamper, tone, and soothe your skin. After one application, I could feel a difference. After one week of use, I could see a noticeable difference in skin tightness, and hydration. If your skin is normal to dry,
We recommend using this product at least three times per week. Unlike a clay masque that is applied and allow to dry, this masque should be applied and removed within about 5 minutes of application. Since its designed as a hydration masque, you don’t want it to fully set before washing off. Directions are included with each purchase.
Ingredients: * Natural Fulvic which contain 72 minerals and 12 amino acids and Humic and
* Montmorillonite which contain 78 natural occurring trace minerals.
* Dead Sea Mud – containing high amounts of minerals and nutrients.
* Virgin Coconut Oil – one of the best oils known for topical use. Not only does it gently cleanse the skin, but soothes and pampers as it assists with fine line reduction.
* Bentonite Clay – Will gently pull the surface toxins from your upper skin layers, and provide a creamy “slip” to the masque … making it go on smoothly.
* Panthenol DL – Or the common name of vitamin B5. This is a great additive for its ability to sit on the surface layers of the skin, reducing the appearance of small lines and wrinkles.
* Collagen – As we age, our skin loses our natural collagen, thus we see lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Topical use of collagen has been shown to temporarily reduce those appearances.
* Amber Extract – A tremendous skin softening agent, amber extract comes from ancient trees. It contains naturally occurring anti-oxidant agents.
* Allantoin Powder – An extract from the comfrey plant, allantoin is a common additive to cosmetics designed to assist with the healing of chapped skin.
* Vitamin E – Anti-oxidant, and skin healing – adding vitamin E to any beauty care recipe is a topical benefit that is absorbed thru the surface of skin.
* Wheat Protein – A moisturizing additive from a natural source, wheat germ protein helps reduce the visible signs of the ongoing aging process.
* Silk Amino Acids – Another skin softening and toning agent.
^ Cocoa Butter – We add this ingredient to give the surface skin layers elasticity and moisture.
^ Arrowroot Powder – A great “absorbing” additive, that helps combat against acne.
* Coffee Absolute – We add this absolute for its tri-fold purpose of scent therapy (it
smells great!), anti-oxidant benefits, and skin toning wonders.
* Cocoa Absolute – Not only does the scent of cocoa naturally blend with the scent of coffee, it is a proven anti-oxidant and skin toning additive.
* Preserved with Leucidal: radish root ferment.
(^) Denotes a certified organic ingredient.


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