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Here we will post information that may prove to be useful in understanding humates and the various uses and benefits of this amazing substance. If you have any articles or information that you think others would benefit from, send us an email and it may just make it on the page.

What is Humate

After deep underground shelves shifted 75 million years ago, oxidized humate was discovered under layers of dirt, stone, and clay covering a lush prehistoric fresh water lake, which sealed un-leached minerals, amino acids, and enzyme complexes watertight into near pure deposits. Generically it is the term given to all humic substances.

What is Humic Acid

Humic Acid is a long chain molecule, which is high in molecular weight, dark brown and is soluble in an alkali solution. In soil, humic acids are responsible for composting and transferring the nutrient from the soil to the living organism. This material accompanies the nutrient into the organism and performs many benefits like building the immune system of the plant removing toxins and heavy metals while adding 72 minerals and 13 amino acids right to the plant.

What is Fulvic Acid

Fulvic Acid is a short chain molecule, which has a low molecular weight, yellow in color and soluble in both acid and alkali. It is the world’s finest electrolyte that can balance and energize biological properties. This is the portion of the soil responsible for chelating – grabbing hold of nutrients minerals and transferring them to the living organism. Fulvic acid is unique in its chelation ability as it captures life essential minerals and places an electrical charge on them for ready uptake by the organism. Toxic metals are also chelated, but are neutrally charged and have difficulty in entering a living organism. Fulvic acids act to detoxify the plant of toxins and heavy metals that may enter it. Also builds up the immune system of the plant while adding 72 minerals and 13 amino acids.

What is Chelation 

Many organic growers consider humate to be ―Nature’s Best Chelator‖. This is vital because chelation will result in the activation of nutrients already in the soil. It is important in neutralizing toxicity by rendering toxins and heavy metals nonreactive. It also stimulates the uptake of nutrients by all plants.

Why use Anasazi Gold Organics
Rigorous testing has shown Anasazi Gold humates contain up to 96% humic acid (unmatched). Our exclusive source is a prehistoric, tropical plant based, fresh-water lake bed. Many other suppliers have salt water deposits and can not make this claim. Our humates contain 72 minerals and 13 amino acids. We offer a sustainable alternative for a natural and organic lifestyle. Anasazi Gold Organics humate products will not change your successful regimen of planting it will only enhance it. Anasazi Gold Organics Humates, Humic acid and Fulvic Acid can be used on any field crop, tree, vine, ornamental and landscaping. Add to any fertilizer mixture or directly to soil. Anasazi Gold Liquid Soil Conditioners can also be used with hydroponic systems and commercial irrigation systems; and, is also beneficial as a foliar spray. Anasazi Gold Organics Humates are compatible with all fertilizers & can be applied to all soil types, hydroponic solutions, and pH ranges.
ANASAZI GOLD ORGANICS proudly offers a full range of 75 million-year-old organic humate as soil conditioners, plant food, and mineral supplements. Our experienced team of organic farmers and ranchers produce our products with care and technical assistance from leading soil microbiology laboratories and technicians. Excellent for any and all landscape projects; indoor and outdoor.
ANASAZI GOLD ORGANICS products rebuild and maintain the soil-food web: the interdependence of soil micro and macro organisms and minerals; interacting with water, air, earth, and the roots of plants to form a delicate yet powerful natural biological structure: a web of life. Our commitment to a sustainable future begins with sustainable soils built with our products.
ANASAZI GOLD ORGANICS HUMATES are derived from Cretaceous plant matter from a freshwater lake bed. Independent testing has shown our humate contains up to 96% humic acid with 72 minerals and 13 amino acids.
California and Oregon State Agriculture Departments do not recognize Fulvic, They considered it Humic so we have Fulvic as a .06% humic to comply with Oregon and California regulations,

SAFETY: Humates are NON-TOXIC; 100% natural occurrence of minerals from the earth; breaking down dead matter into nutrients, minerals and amino acids; chelating elements into living cellular structures. Humic substances promote exceptional health in livestock, plants, and humans. Refined humic and fulvic acid preparations have been proven to be very safe for human internal and external uses. Topical applications show incredible results in healing ailments and centering of RNA and DNA. Visit our shop page for a full line of supplements for human consumption, plants and animals.

Non Toxic

Humates contain Humic and Fulvic Acids which enhance growth, and health of the plant through its whole plant growth cycle. For all types of planting from soil to hydroponic and from seed or clone to the flowering stage. Humic and Fulvic increases the absorption of nutrients while building up the immune system of the plant. A plant can survive on less water and less nutrients. You can use the 400 mesh or 50 mesh in teas or apply the 1/4‖ directly to the soil to enhance microbial activity in the soil as well as making your plants drought and disease tolerant.

Organic Humic and Fulvic Acids assist in all stages of plant growth.
 Soak your seeds in Anasazi Gold humic or fulvic acids to assure a higher percentage of germination.
 Use Anasazi Gold Humic and Fulvic in the cloning and rooting cycle to assure a strong root ball. Humic and Fulvic help in the cell division and supports the immune system of the plant. Also spray with humic Acid.
 Use the 1/4‖ humates in your soils and to top dress to build up the microbiology in your soils.
 Use Anasazi Gold Humic or Fulvic in the vegetative cycle to assure an increase in the uptake of nutrients. There is no need to change your regimen that has proven successful to you. Use 2 ml. per gallon during the vegetative cycle, mix with other nutrients that can be applied directly to the water. You can also top dress the 1/4‖ Humates or use 50 mesh in teas.
 Use Anasazi Gold Humic or Fulvic in the transition to flowering stage. use 5 ml. per gallons for mix with other nutrients that can be applied directly to the water. Or top dress with 1/4‖ humates and water in.
 Anasazi Gold Organics Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid both work great in Hydroponics 0-30 Ml/gallon. or as a Foliage spray 5/20 ml/gal.
 Top dress your pots and soil with the 1/4‖ humates so that through the winter the humic and fulvic will leach into the soils and start breaking down, by spring your soils will be full of micro-biological activity.
So do not hesitate we have people that have used our products through all stages of the grow cycle with tremendous results every time! Anasazi Gold Humates have been proven beneficial through all stages of growth. 

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