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 Worlds Finest Natural and Organic High Grade Humates Fulvic & Humic Acids With Superfoods Natural Antioxidants for Humans, Plants and Animals


Anasazi Gold Organics is very excited to provide you with a full range of products from our 75 million year old organic humates, from soil conditioners and plant food to mineral supplements. Our products are produced with care by a collaboration of a hard working team of experienced organic gardeners, farmers and ranchers, with technical assistance from leading soil microbiology labs.



We use our humate products on our own fields, greenhouses, xeriscape / landscape projects, lawns, flower beds and indoor plants. Anasazi Gold Organics products are developed to rebuild and maintain the Soil-Food-Web: The dynamic, interdependent world of soil micro and macro organisms, minerals and organic matter all interacting with water, air, earth and the roots of plants to form a delicate, yet powerful and natural biological structure: a web of life.


Take a look at some plants & vegetables treated with our humates:


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Learn more about the amazing effects of Humates for plants, animals and humans. Read published articles and watch videos from guru’s and other professionals from numerous industries about the benefits of humic and fulvic acids. New material added all the time!
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Industrial Soil Remediation

Do you have property that is polluted with a petroleum hydrocarbon contamination in soil or water, we have the solution for you!


Anasazi Gold Organics commitment to a sustainable future begins now with sustainable soils built with our products.

Natural – Organic Solid Conditioners, Plant Food, Mineral Supplements, Self Sustainable Soil Mixes

Safety: Humates are a safe material and exists in all soils, plants and animals. It is a natural to the food chain and plays a role in the composting of dead matter into nutrients, and the transfer of minerals and other roles within the living organism. Humic substances promotes exceptional health in Livestock, Plants and Humans. High quality humic and fulvic acid preparations proven very safe for human internal and external uses.
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